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Two Maine College of Art alumni selected for Luminato art commissions

Celebrating Portland’s diverse creative community, we proudly feature original artwork from local artists in all our buildings. In the Luminato lobby we are excited to display the works of two Maine College of Art (MECA) graduates: painter Leon Anderson and photographer MaKenna Pope. Leon Anderson A plein air painter for more than 30 years, Leon Anderson has expanded his work to include 3-dimensional pieces in wood and stained glass in recent years. Originally from Alaska and a 1983 MECA graduate, […]

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Forget shoveling, snow parking bans and hunting for a parking spot

In Portland, a March blizzard gave us a new 17 inches of snow bringing the season’s total to 84 inches. We “embrace” winter by sledding, skiing, skating and enjoying dinners and the arts BUT is anyone tired of clearing off your car, trying to find street parking or the dreaded parking ban? When you live at Luminato, you won’t need to own a snow shovel. Our property maintenance crew will clear the walkways for you. And if you purchase a […]

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Porcelanosa part of our striking interior design portfolio

“For you to sleep well at night, the aesthetic, the quality, has to be carried all the way through.” —Steve Jobs At Luminato, mediocrity is not an option. We tether our brand to superior craftsmanship – and design. We work extremely hard to come up with lasting products that our buyers will love, always balancing day-to-day functionality with aesthetic beauty. Then, we engage buyers and let them experience the joy of customizing their new homes – choosing the themes, materials, and […]

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What are triple-glazed tilt-and-turn windows?

The windows and sliding doors for Luminato were selected for their quality, beauty, and energy-efficiency. These windows use the “tilt-and-turn” ap­proach to opening. With the handle at 90 degrees, the window angles inwards (tilts inwards) at the top. With the handle turned 180 degrees, the window opens in like a door (turns inwards). The tilt function is useful on a warm day for providing ventilation with minimal risk of disruption from a breeze or window slamming. The turn function allows […]

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Experience the magic of “Tidying Up”

Need proof that the world craves simpler, more meaningful living? How’s this for compelling evidence: Marie Kondo’s book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing” remains a bestseller with more than six million copies sold worldwide. The book has nearly 100,000 reviews on Goodreads with four stars. And, Kondo’s consulting business that helps clients “transform their cluttered homes into spaces of serenity and inspiration” has a three-month waiting list. While we don’t necessary subscribe […]

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Rooftop Terrace tops the amenities at Luminato…literally!

When imagining Luminato not only did we ask, “How do people want to live in a city today?” but also, “How can we offer a truly different condo experience in Portland?” Perhaps our most welcomed response: design a Rooftop Terrace where residents may easily enjoy the outdoors and picturesque views for which Maine is famous. This large yet intimate space will sit high above Newbury and Franklin Streets and offer views from Casco Bay to the Portland skyline to mountains […]

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The Lounge: a private place to think or gather

At Luminato, our goal is to offer residents both a home and wonderful options to get the most out of day-to-day life. One of the ways we do this is by including shared amenities such as a lounge. Ever looking for a change of scenery? Do you work from home and sometimes need a place to focus by yourself or hold small meetings? Do you have family in town and wish you could offer them a place to relax while […]

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What is your style?

The clock is ticking on being able to select the finishes for your home. Until the end of the year, buyers may choose the color palette that most appeals to them. Customize with 3 to 7 different options in each category of finishes: wood flooring and ceramic tiles by Spanish interiors company, Porcelanosa, cabinets by Omega and countertops by Caesarstone. Renderings of a one-bedroom unit kitchen illustrate just three of the possible themes below. Wood Flooring:  Porcelanosa Tortona Strada Kitchen Cabinets: Omega […]

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Living large in a condo includes shared lifestyle amenities 

When buying a condo, location and layout have long been top considerations for buyers in urban areas. In recent years, another “L” has joined the list: LIFESTYLE. NewHeight Group is a leader in adding building amenities to its projects that make life in the city more convenient, enjoyable, and add value to its homes. Residents of Luminato Condos can count on: Location People are moving to cities – and what better choice than Portland, Maine, one of New England’s most dynamic urban centers. Portland […]

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