Luminato: Sold out in record time

All 24 homes at Luminato are under contract – four months before construction is slated for completion later this summer. This may be a record for a condo project of this size in Portland with 100% of buyers making a decision before setting foot in the unfinished building or being able to enter their home. What caught the interest of buyers? Here’s what we heard: Access to shared amenities, including a guest roomfor out-of-town visitors, a lounge in which to hang out or […]

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Get ready for Maine Startup and Create Week, Jun 19-23

Get ready for Maine Startup and Create Week: When Portland Takes Center Stage for Innovation Scheduled for June 19-23, Maine Startup and Create Week features a multitude of seminars, hands-on workshops, keynote speakers, and networking events. Over the past four years, more than 300 speakers from 30 states and three countries, along with 4,000+ participants, have participated. Is 2017 your year? In addition to walking away with a plethora of insight and new knowledge, you’ll wrap up the week with meaningful connections and […]

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Wondering who’s buying condos in Portland?

In their quest to understand who is opting for condo living in Portland, developer NewHeight Group surveyed the 24 owners of the sold-out Luminato Condos project. The findings were surprising, and in stark contrast to a general  perception that condo buyers fit a stereotypical mold. Here are three myths set straight about condo living in Portland – at least at Luminato.   Condo buyers are an aging and retired population. Luminato buyers represent a vibrant, working population. In fact, two-thirds of the buyers own or work […]

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NewHeight Group helps provide workforce housing in Portland

  A recent article in Mainebiz recognizes NewHeight Group as a Portland developer working with the city’s new “inclusionary zoning” requirement by providing rental units in conjunction with Luminato. Luminato is the first housing project that satisfies the new ordinance by providing workforce housing units rather than paying a fee to the city. Rental workforce housing units are defined as dwelling units with rents affordable to households making up to 100% of the area median income. NewHeight Group met this […]

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Forget shoveling, snow parking bans and hunting for a parking spot

In Portland, a March blizzard gave us a new 17 inches of snow bringing the season’s total to 84 inches. We “embrace” winter by sledding, skiing, skating and enjoying dinners and the arts BUT is anyone tired of clearing off your car, trying to find street parking or the dreaded parking ban? When you live at Luminato, you won’t need to own a snow shovel. Our property maintenance crew will clear the walkways for you. And if you purchase a […]

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Maine Jewish Film Festival celebrates 20 years March 18-25

The 2017 Festival features films from around the world and present a dynamic week of documentaries, guest speakers, panel discussions and special events. From Saturday, March 18th through Saturday, March 25th, venues in Portland (all 4 venues are walking distance from Luminato), Brunswick, Lewiston and Waterville will show more than 30 films. Terrific for winter-time armchair travelers. Congratulations on the 20th anniversary! For the full schedule and to purchase tickets, visit

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Join us Thursday to Imagine Portland!

It’s a wonderful feeling to wake up every day and be in love with the place you live. Portland is an amazing city, and we don’t take this for granted. Instead, we continually seek out ways to engage with others and make it even better. Building high-quality urban condos is a piece of what we do, but our true calling is building community. This is why we partner with organizations such as The Portland Regional Chamber of Commerce to dream […]

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Porcelanosa part of our striking interior design portfolio

“For you to sleep well at night, the aesthetic, the quality, has to be carried all the way through.” —Steve Jobs At Luminato, mediocrity is not an option. We tether our brand to superior craftsmanship – and design. We work extremely hard to come up with lasting products that our buyers will love, always balancing day-to-day functionality with aesthetic beauty. Then, we engage buyers and let them experience the joy of customizing their new homes – choosing the themes, materials, and […]

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Two of Maine’s finest interior designers featured in Old Port… and NewHeight Group projects

Brett Johnson and James Light graced the pages of Old Port magazine’s January/February issue – being featured for their work at 118 on Munjoy Hill and Luminato respectively. As we focus on the minute details of the Luminato construction process, it’s interesting to think about the future beautiful and functional homes that can be further enhanced by the expertise of skilled designers. Brett of Maine Street Design offers clients two decades of experience in Maine, New York, Miami, and the Gulf Coast […]

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What are triple-glazed tilt-and-turn windows?

The windows and sliding doors for Luminato were selected for their quality, beauty, and energy-efficiency. These windows use the “tilt-and-turn” ap­proach to opening. With the handle at 90 degrees, the window angles inwards (tilts inwards) at the top. With the handle turned 180 degrees, the window opens in like a door (turns inwards). The tilt function is useful on a warm day for providing ventilation with minimal risk of disruption from a breeze or window slamming. The turn function allows […]

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